Emergency Dentistry

Don’t let a dental emergency make your day stressful! Our team is ready to help you through your dental emergency situation and get your child care as quickly as possible. 

Dental Emergencies

Do you know if you have an emergency on your hands? You can call us to find out, or you can check this list to see if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • A chipped tooth. Try to keep any broken pieces in a cup of milk and bring them in to our office.
  • A tooth is knocked out. Even if the tooth is a baby tooth, you’ll want to come in so we can make sure no broken parts remain. Keep the tooth in milk if possible.
  • A broken tooth. Apply an ice pack if necessary to reduce swelling.
  • A small wound won’t stop bleeding on the lip, cheek, or other place in the mouth. 
  • A severe toothache that progressively gets worse. This is often accompanied by a headache.

When your child experiences a dental emergency, you want help as quickly as possible. Don’t forget that our team will also take care of you with compassion and skill.

Immediate Emergencies

If your child has a broken jaw or other serious injury, go to the nearest emergency room. You should also go to the emergency room if your child can’t breathe due to an extreme infection or other obstruction in the mouth.

For other dental emergencies, we can typically schedule a same-day appointment to get your child treatment as soon as possible. We also offer dental sedation to help make your child’s visit less stressful.

Don’t Wait to Call!

Does your child have a bad toothache, a chipped tooth, or anything in the mouth that is painful that won’t go away? Don’t wait to call us and schedule a same-day appointment. Our friendly and caring team can help your child feel better quickly in a safe and calm environment.