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From The Staff

The kids love our new facility and this immediately puts moms and dads at ease. We have created a fun and educational environment and this allows us to examine our patients and teach them at the same time.​


Our kids love the staff at Dr. Rosenberg’s office and they make every visit a pleasant one.
- Pamela
The atmosphere is so relaxed. My kids always enjoy their trip to the dentist. The games and toy box are always a big hit.
- Dallas
Dr. Rosenberg and ALL his staff are AMAZING! I have had the honor and privilege of not only being a Mom of a patient, but also working closely with him in the OR in dental procedures. He is VERY caring and gentle and that is a quality that is hard to find sometimes in the healthcare industry. He takes his time to put not only the child at ease, but the parent(s) as well. My son LOVES Dr. Rosenberg, he loves him so much he looks forward to the visit and even named his pet fish after him! I couldn't ask for more!! Thank you ALL for being such an amazing asset to the art of working with children and for the love you have for every child that enters your "playhouse." You are simply the BEST!
- Val
We have been going to Dr. Benji for almost 10 years. My kids love it. The staff is amazing and super friendly, they make my kids feel secure. Dr. Benji is WONDERFUL!!!
- Heather
He was amazing with my 6 yr old daughter and we both loved the staff there also. They were very warm and inviting. Plus it didn't hurt that Dr. Rosenberg had his dogs there also, my daughter is an animal person, animals calm her down.
- Michale